9 Reasons I Love Blue Apron Meal Delivery Services

My Mom lived in her kitchen where she created elaborate Sunday dinners, apple pie from scratch, a lamb shaped cake that looked like a real lamb, hand made pirogies and quick delicious snacks for anyone who wandered in hungry at any hour of the day.  Did those culinary talents rub off on yours truly? Sadly, no.


In Mom’s kitchen my high school friend Alka and I learned to add droopy noodles, layers of ricotta cheese, red sauce and ground meat into a Pyrex dish, place it in the oven and bake it.  Preparing lasagne made up the sum total of my cooking talent. Perhaps my goal was to land a great job and hire someone to cook for me.


Years later, I owned a Bed and Breakfast.  Miraculously I could follow tried and true recipes from other bed and breakfasts kind enough to publish them.  I whipped up southwest quiche, baked alaskan grapefruit and blueberry french toast soufflé.  I sold the B&B and went back to fudging things together at the last minute, dining out, and eating snack bars with spoonfuls of Peanut Butter.


While attempting to deep fry chicken for my husband, Peter I lit a pot in fire.  Good sized flames were leapiing from the pot as I ran for the patio door.   For my Birthday I recieved a Cuisinart Deep Fryer.  Dozens of Food Network searches, burned food and tears later I was able to create five or six decent dishes.  The smiling actors in the boxed meal commercials appeared to put food on their imaginary tables without lighting things on fire.  This observation, combined with an initial discount and the seeming simplicity of delivered meals made the service enticing.  I downloaded a handy app and ordered one up.   



Here is what I discovered.

1.More time


The pre-measured ingredients make preparation fast and I spend less time wandering the grocery store aisles.

2.No Guilt


I use exactly what is sent in the box. I never throw unwanted food away

3.An Organized Fridge


Boxed food arrives timely and in the exact amounts needed.  It stores tidily in stackable Tupperware food storage boxes. 

4.The Joy of Creating 


Preparing a meal gives me the chance to do something tactile and to see a project come to fruition in just one hour.


Gone are the days of being terrified to help cook at family gatherings, I chop, grate, sauté, & blanch alongside anyone, even my husband’s ex-wife, but that’s another story.



6. A Happy Husband


Gotta love those fist bumps and smiles over the dinner table.



The helpful phone app allows me to skip deliveries and even cancel the subscription any time, right from my phone

8.More Money 


These dishes are healthy, delicious and gourmet, better than most restaurants and a lot cheaper.  Especially since I can compliment the meals with my own wine pairings



Meals arrive in their insulated boxes with ice packs, food boxes can sit on the front porch till Midnight and stay cool and fresh.

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